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Do you know who is using your services? Time to know them personally with PYS Pro

Let’s delve into the story of a gym owner called Max before we talk about the client management software. Max has a gym. It is a decent gym with very good services. Having a good amount of satisfied clients, it is always a good day for Max business-wise. One day Max leaves for the supermarket where a person approaches him introducing himself as Jade. But Max has no idea who that person is. Losing out a bit of enthusiasm, Jade reminds him that he is a member of his gym and he recommended few others about Max’s gym. Now Max is in an embarrassing spot. He is ashamed that he focused on his business and not clients.

The free to download gym management software PYS Pro helps you avoiding this kind of situations. When you start a service, it is important to look at two aspects—business, of course, and personal communication with the client. PYS Pro, the fitness manager software has every component which will make you focus on your clients while the product meets your business needs by managing everything effortlessly. It allows you to get all the required information from the members of your facility and save it to the cloud for a transparent functioning.

The User feature is the base from where you can know each and every user who is engaged in your service. From their name to contact address to how they feel about your services, it provides all the relevant information of your clients in a clear manner. The gym check in software informs you about the member’s birthday so that you know when to leave a personalized message to your client and make their day.

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When you have a query about the client, just give them a call or drop them a mail so that they can answer your questions which build a bond between you and your client. You can also check their status from this option whether they are Active or Inactive users of your facility from our gym software.

If someone signs up for a free trial class in your sports facility, fitness center or club and gym, keep a tab on their feedback and activities so that they become a full member after their trial ends. In case they are not interested in continuing at the moment, save their data in the database for future use.

In case you want to have more than one user who wants to join your classes, leave that burden to the gym trainer software which helps you to add multiple users by uploading the excel file which contains the detail of all the users. Adding a lot of people to the list has never been this easy with PYS Pro.

In case you want to delete the data of a user or more than one user, you can do that swiftly with our gym workout online free software which lets you remove the people you want from the list. Also, if you want to search an individual member from the list, the cloud gym software helps you to get that in no time apart from easing your work. If you want to present the hard copy of your data of your user, print it and save the details of the user in PDF or excel format. This way you can easily stay in touch with all the clients you care for with the fitness software.

With PYS Pro, you will never end up in a sticky situation like Max.

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