Remember every members’ birthday without having a photographic memory using PYS Pro

Before explaining how this feature will help you, let’s look into another story of Max, the gym trainer. Max got a gym member Samantha who is one of the oldest clients in his gym facility. Max is giving personal training to Samantha from the last two years. Samantha is one of the most precious clients for Max. So one day Max opens his Facebook in the late evening and finds out that today is Samantha’s birthday. And the most embarrassing thing is that Max was training all day with Samantha without knowing that it’s her birthday. Maybe the people reading this blog understood what we’re trying to pitch through the scenario above. It is quite difficult to remember birthdays of friends and family members and if someone remembers birthdays of their clients then he got a god gifted mind. But the problem is not everyone is god gifted and remembering or simply managing record of birthdays manually is a hassle-ridden task.

Now coming back to our client management software, Our software got this cool feature of remembering the birthday of each and every client in someone’s gym or fitness center premises. Birthday is an important day and our sports and fitness management software helps owners of different club and fitness centers to maintain a good relationship with their clients. A good relationship with the clients is the first key to maintaining and expanding the business. Imagine how good an owner can make the relationship with clients by remembering the birthday of each and every client.

personal-trainerOur best in class fitness management software saves the data of each and every client in a listing format and stores the birthday dates of all of the clients admitted in the premises. Getting notified for someone’s birthday is easy by using our top-notch fitness management software as the notification bar displays the birthday of the individual client in a message format. By this way, it is easy for the user to get to know about the best day of the year of the individual client. Our management software notifies about the birthday of the client in advance such that one can plan for the special day beforehand. This feature gives a sense of goodwill to the clients as for some owners their client is like their family and they work as a team. If some gym or fitness center remembers the birthday of each and every client and celebrates them, It gives extra brownie points in client owner relation and that gives a sense of amity. The software gets the birthday data from the place where all the client’s data is saved.

A good relationship with clients helps in good promotion of the gym or fitness center outside. Relationship with the clients helps a lot in the marketing perspective. If some owner got a good bond with the client then they will get a lot of positive feedback outside. That positive feedback will help owners in getting more people on board. Birthdays are one of the best tools to maintain a good bond with the clients.

Management software notifies about someone’s birthday faster than any other person. Just open the software in the morning for the administrative work and you will find the notification regarding birthday in the notification tray. Clients will feel special and appreciate the gesture of wishing them on birthday.

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